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Edenvale Holiday Cottages: Vale Farm

About Vale Farm

Vale Farm was built in the 1600’s. The evidence for this is due to the shape of the sitting room window, which shows the usual construction method of that period.

Then in the 1930’s it was renovated with the barn being formed by building up the walls on top of the single storey unit. You can still see the outline of the old roof inside the barn. In 1962, the chimneys were rebuilt and the walls replastered, together with the addition of the front porch and rear bathroom / utility rooms built on.

Some restoration has taken place since then. Facilities have been modernised whilst retaining the original traditional appearance and charm. The fireplace with the crane in the dining room had been blocked up for a number of years, but is now exposed as original.
It has been renovated in keeping with traditional farmhouse style and is built with 600mm thick stone walls.

In the middle of the main roof there is the original main ‘A’ frame truss holding up the purlins using 1” x 1” wrought iron saddle straps. If you open the trap door in the porch ceiling, you will see the original lime plastered stone wall.

The original well is still intact with the red brick lining and cow tail pump. 

Vale Farm had a nickname of ‘Shuttle Row’, many years ago. The reason was that in olden times, farmers would supplement their income by weaving during the winter. There were up to three looms working in this farmhouse and barns.


Vale Farm has 3 bedrooms, sleeping five persons with a cot and high chair available at extra charge. There is a large, modern kitchen; sitting room; dining room; bathroom with electric shower and traditional floor tiles and fireplaces. 
There is a large garden with patio and garden furniture. 
A single garage together with car wash facilities is provided. 
DVD player and freeview TV are provided.  Wi-Fi is available. 
There is central heating (oil) and an alarm system fitted. 
Other facilities include dishwasher, fridge/freezer, coffee maker, washer/dryer and microwave. 

1 x 3 Bedroom Unit (Sleeps 5)

We're Good to Go