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Culture Itinerary

Culturally Curious 1 Day Itinerary


Spend an hour or so browsing through the displays in the Museum at The Mill. You’ll gain a fascinating insight to the textile industry and the effect it had on the lives of those who worked in it. Enjoy refreshments in the café while you’re there.


Why not visit Sentry Hill, a perfectly-preserved 19th century farm house that gives us a glimpse into a rural way of life that has long disappeared. It’s also the ancestral home of a remarkable family of writers, collectors and radical thinkers... the McKinneys.

Or, call into Patterson’s Spade Mill, a National Trust property. It’s the last water-driven spade mill still working in the British Isles. You can take part in a tour and watch as a spade is made... it’s a bit like stepping back into the Industrial Revolution.


Head to Antrim Castle Gardens and Clotworthy House. The 400-year old gardens have been sensitively restored, including the beautiful Anglo Dutch style canals and ponds that are unique in NorthernIreland. The Gardens have a lovely café for lunch.


Explore Pogue’s Entry Historical Cottage to find out about the lives of ordinary Irish
country folk in the mid to late 1800s.


Visit the 10th-century Antrim Round Tower, built as part of a monastic settlement.


Make your way back to your accommodation and finish the day by going to a show at one of the theatres in the Borough.