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Donegore Motte

In earlier years, the “Motte” was belived to have been a Passage Grave, but around 1798 it was an important meeting place for the United Irishmen preparing for the ‘Battle of Antrim’.  A mound is all that remains today of this 12th Century Motte. 

On a clear day, this historic pre-Anglo/Norman motte offers views of six Ulster counties. The "Motte" was believed to have been built upon a much earlier Passage Grave, dating back some 5,000 years.

In 1798, Donegore Motte was an important meeting place for members of the Society of United Irishmen who were preparing for the Battle of Antrim, which was fought on 7 June of that year.

The picturesque St John’s Church is located close by.