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Due to COVID-19, some of the details on this website may have changed. We recommend you contact the service providers listed on this website directly before making a booking or visiting any of the attractions or sites listed.

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Ballylagan Trail Rides

1hr Exclusive Off Road Trail | £35 with Organic Picnic afterwards | £42

1hr Exclusive Off Road Trail | £35 with Organic Picnic afterwards | £42

Ballylagan Trail Rides is a Licensed Horse Riding Establishment providing Trail Rides for the complete beginner to the advanced rider.

Set on an Organic Farm in the rolling County Antrim hills, Ballylagan Trail Rides offer an eco-friendly, exclusive 1hr Off-Road Trail with handlers, discovering the history and nature at Ballylagan. They provide helmets, boots and a familiarisation in the arena with your horse before setting out.

The Advanced Trail lasts 2hrs and has a little road work and off-road cantering in the Forest, stopping to enjoy the views over Belfast Lough, and North East Antrim.

Pricing available on company website.

To book, ring to check availability, fill out the online rider registration form and make payment via their online PayPal to secure the booking.