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Treetop Adventure - CastleWood

CastleWood's Brand New Tree Top Adventure is now open!

Now you can swing, climb, balance, and zip your way through CastleWood’s canopy on our fun challenges and zip lines at CastleWood Tree Top Adventure. We have two high ropes adventures through our CastleWood Holiday Park woodland designed to entertain young kids, teenagers, and adults too.

So Grab your harness and head for the treetops!

After your training and safety briefing and your trial in our training area, you will take on your chosen tree-top adventure course!

Depending on what you chose, you could conquer up to 40 exciting tree canopy challenges & test your head for heights. Manoeuvre balance bars, dash through dangling vines, walk the plank, go full Tarzan swing, and fly through the air on up to 8 ziplines!

For the CastleWood Tree Top Adventure high ropes course, the following supervision is needed by an adult aged 18 or above.

Children (5-6) years – One participating adult per 2 children

Children (7-11) years – One participating adult for every 3 children.

Children (12-15) years – An adult to remain on site at all times