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Craigmore Fishery


Rainbow trout

Craigmore Fishery is a beautiful man-made lake fed with crystal-clear spring water. An incredible 44 springs in the lake bed supply the fishery with water which remains clear throughout the year. Craigmore Fishery was opened to the public in late 1999 and subsequently has become one of the finest and most successful fisheries in the country. 

Historically, Craigmore has seen substantial hatches of buzzers, lake olives, and damsel nymphs. Corixa and fresh water shrimp are also in abundance throughout the year. Due to the prolific fly life at Craigmore, some of the most spectacular summer evening rises are to be seen. This combination of fresh water and natural feeding results in some of the best and hardest-fighting rainbow trout available today.


Opening Times:

Open to the public: Thursday to Sunday only from 9am to dusk.