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Environmental Education Programme

Community and visitor engagement at Antrim Castle Gardens is enhanced through numerous educational initiatives, from Ranger led school group outings to environmental workshops catering to all ages and abilities. Through these initiatives, the many layers of our rich built and natural heritage are rolled back in a fun and informative way for all to understand and enjoy.

 Habitat Management and Protection

Managing the interaction of the parkland, ancient woodland, and riverine environments found within the Gardens to preserve the diverse range of flora and fauna present for the enjoyment of future generations.

Wildlife Monitoring and Recording Initiatives

These intricate and exciting Ranger led initiatives range from aquatic invertebrate analysis and pollinator transect studies to safeguarding our unique roost of priority species of bats, Nathusius’ Pippistrelle. The work also involves avian studies to encourage the expansion of nesting opportunities for migrant Swifts and other species. 

Environmental Activities Tours and Workshops

A wide range of environmental topics are covered within our education programme including bespoke school visits for all key stages and abilities ranging from hour-long Mini Beast Hunts to full day adult workshops. Please see current copy of Create workshop brochure for dates of ongoing workshop programme.