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Top Tracer

Bally Earl Leisure Centre

Bally Earl Leisure Centre

Ballyearl Driving Range is now home to state of the art technology “Top Tracer”, which helps you improve your golfing experience and your game. It enables golfers of all ages and abilities to access a wide range of data on their swing and ball flight and provides an opportunity to play virtual golf on some of the
world’s most iconic courses.

Top Tracer uses cameras mounted around the driving bay to track shots, which then display on screen along with data including distance, speed, launch angle, and shape. The data can then be sent directly to the player’s mobile device, allowing them to review and save while providing a detailed insight into how
to make improvements.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday : 9am -10pm
Saturday : 9am - 9pm
Sunday : 9am - 7pm